There are many benefits to custom application development. And with increasingly complex internal systems and increasingly specialised companies, customization is becoming more the norm than the exception.

But “custom” doesn’t have to mean “expensive.” By leveraging existing software and customizing with bolt-on solutions, you gain many of the customization benefits without a tremendous cost.

A custom web app development will set you apart from your competition and drive your brand. A unique, customer-focused design will enable you to connect with your visitors on an emotional level, engage them, build trust and help guide their decision.

At BRACETech, our web app developers and web designers build high-quality custom applications that are tailored to meet your business objectives, whether it’s to generate leads and drive traffic, increase

For instance, custom apps that connect existing tech stacks enable employees to spend more time doing what they like (and what helps the business) and less time moving data from A to B.

Second, it can benefit easy collaboration and makes working with other teams and departments enjoyable, ultimately improving outcomes.

Finally, it makes organisations more dynamic and agile. Insights travel further and faster, and organisations can act on new ideas and transient opportunity more effectively.

It is more secure. If you have a custom application, or an extended CMS, your data is (on average) more secure than if you’re using an out-of-the-box solution.


Because you’re a much smaller target.

Say your security is equal to a major out-of-the-box solution. Different, but equally secure.

If a hacking group breaks your software, they get your stuff.

Which, obviously, is a problem.

However, if a hacking group cracks an out-of-the-box solution, they get all their client’s data.

For you, the client, the result is the same — your data is in hands it’s not supposed to be in.