Deployment is the process of setting up a new computer or system to the point where it is ready for productive work in a live environment.

Deploy can refer to any type of installation. For example, this could be setting up a new LAN, building a server, installing software, etc. The key point is that no matter how much planning is done, the actual rolling out of new products is where a new project truly succeeds or fails. Everything looks good on paper, but it is a live environment with real users that is the true test for any system.

BRACETech can help you setting up all your systems and can manage them for you.

Re-locations projects can be extremely tedious if not done correctly. BRACE Tech Deployment services are designed to allow a smooth and successful transition depending on the project.

To allow us to deploy with this expectation, BRACE Tech ensures we understand the projects and identify the key requirements to make it a successful project. Moving a site or deployment projects may sound easy but most important is a process for user data on each PC. By understanding the requirements, it allows us to plan and provide the key structural roll-out requirements. Our services tend to be out of hours to allow no downtime and ensure businesses run smooth.

When moving sites, certain steps are either overlooked or forgotten which can be costly and/or disruptive. BRACETech follows a standardise process that has been used on multiple successful rollouts. This is done to ensure all equipment is set-up correctly and ready for work!