Web Development

BRACETech Custom Built Websites

Your website might be the first point of contact with your customers. And so, it is the most important tool for your business. In such a competitive online market building a unique and useful website will help your business be found in the internet, engage your customers and helps your business growth.

  • We Build Your Website to Achieve Your Objectives.
  • A Great Website Is Not Simply the Result of A Great Budget.
  • Sure, we’ve seen some terrible websites that are so cheap and poorly done they could never achieve their intended purpose – but we have also seen technically marvellous sites, costing six figures or more, that sadly have been so over engineered that no one enjoys to use them.
  • A Great Website Is One That Has Balanced Form and Function

Most ready-made template options will support you with a limited amount of changes you can make to your website such as customization like the colour, the logos, the brand image, the text…etc) for a small fee.
However, those ready-made templates often fail to respond to specific business needs and branding requirements.
Designing from scratch gives you creative freedom that prebuilt websites cannot offer you.
BRACETech web developers work with you to build a website that provides features that you will choose to help your business grow and find new customers online or help the existing customers from home.
Custom design creates a fluid user experience that helps your customers reach their goals.
We base our designs on visitor research, meaning your site will be tailored to your potential customers.

Great design, high quality Images, well-crafted content and ease of navigation are hallmarks of our performance tuned websites.

Building a custom website gives you full control over functionality and offers a scalable solution that will grow with your business. You have the flexibility to make changes and add new functionality to your site, as you respond to your customers’ changing needs. Our team can customise your content management system so that you remain in control of your content, hassle-free. Our custom web development services include:
• Front end and back end web applications
• User portals
• Mobile applications
• E commerce solutions
• Database development
• Custom analytics reporting system
• API integration
Whether you need an entire website or a simple enhancement to your current site, BRACETech can help.
Our talented web developers are well-versed in a variety of programming languages and are available to drive projects from concept to completion. Our developers can also work in concert with your in-house developers.

To develop a website, we take the following actions

At BRACE Tech, we understand the power of good website design. We aim to become an extension of your team, delivering your vision while helping you to develop and grow your company’s online awareness.


Analysing and understanding your requirements is the most important part of designing a website. Through assessment of your target audience and the key products or services you wish to promote, we can tailor the key functions and design aspects to ensure these objectives are met.


Building the website is the detailed step. You start to see the design and website come alive with BRACE Tech’s test phase page. Buttons can be pressed and viewed on desktop or mobile device, scrolling tested and pages viewed. We can make the pages editable to allow you to change text at any time. This section is for all last changes and constant testing to ensure you are completely satisfied with the design layout.


We will assist with a basic design for your website – deciding colours, layouts and locations for information. This initial phase starts the website design process and can modified in the build phase. You are now one step closer to going live with your website!.


This is the last step and very straight forward. After the completion of the website layout and text, we upload onto hosting to allow the site to be accessed through your domain (e.g. www.domainname.com.au). The website is now live and ready to be viewed!