WordPress Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important, but commonly overlooked aspects of running your website. Without a high-quality host behind you, your site will load slowly, have high downtime, and even be less secure, or more susceptible to hacking.

In the purest sense, WordPress web hosting is a host that’s been optimized to run WordPress.

By choosing a quality WordPress host you can greatly improve the performance of your WordPress site while giving yourself a ton of additional advantages.

Keep in mind that WordPress hosting is not a requirement if you want to run WordPress. You can run WordPress on almost any style of host as the requirements to run WordPress are quite minimal.


  1. Very Fast Speeds

Today having a fast loading website is non-negotiable. If your website loads slowly not only will you be providing a poor user experience, but you’ll rank lower in the search engines too.

WordPress hosting is one of the best ways to speed up your website. Even using shared WordPress hosting will improve your site’s performance over standard shared hosting plans. By only running WordPress on certain servers, you can make optimization and performance tweaks.

However, for the highest levels of performance, you’ll want to opt for WordPress managed hosting. With managed WordPress hosting you’ll get a hosting environment that’s been completely optimized to your site. Plus, you’ll have a team or WordPress experts behind you that will work to make optimizations and offer advice to further elevate levels of performance.

  1. High Level of Security

Security isn’t usually thought of until it’s too late. However, by being proactive about website security you’ll keep your site secure while keeping all of your visitor and user data safe.

WordPress hosting has the unique advantage of being able to protect against WordPress-specific attacks. When you’re using a more generalized host any security protocols in place will only protect against more broad attacks.

However, with WordPress hosting you can implement security measures against attacks that specifically target WordPress. Since WordPress is the most commonly hacked CMS, you’ll want to take additional steps to protect your site..

  1. Up to Date Software

When you’re running a WordPress site, you’ll need to run updates on a regular basis. It’s a small task that only takes a couple of minutes. But, a lot of site owners usually forget to check into their sites to see if any updates are available.

Not only is keeping your site up to date a way to ensure high performance, but it will keep your site more secure.

Like most things, security related updates are issued to patch security holes that have been discovered. Without updating your themes and plugins you leave your site open to being exploited. Plus, when new versions of the WordPress core have released any plugins or themes usually make updates as well to remain compatible.

Depending on the WordPress host you’re using, automatic updates might be a part of the hosting package. This will ensure your site is patched against any known security issues and always running the latest version of the WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

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